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What Do You Do When Life Keeps Knocking You Down?

Jul 18

How Big is Your Why?

Jun 13

Relationship with Money: Are You The Master?

Jun 03

Money. Do You Deserve More?

Nearly 22 years ago I was asked this question, “what’s the most amount of money you’ve ever earned in a year?” My initial response was to let this presumptuous individual know that what I had or hadn’t earned, was none of his business. That individual was Bob Proctor, who soon became my first coach. When Bob asks a question he is looking for an answer, the right answer. He went on to tell me that my answer would tell him how I saw myself, and how I valued myself. In addition, he said, “I’m no smarter than you, and I’ve likely earned more than you.’

I was floored. This was so simple. Why hadn’t I thought of it in these terms before? Why hadn’t this been taught to me at some level in our education system? What was the reason that nearly every individual that I’d met or spoken with either didn’t know this stuff, or hadn’t shared it with me?

Interestingly, I’ve now asked this question of literally thousands of people, and their response is always strikingly similar to what mine was. It’s been said that we don’t know what we don’t know, and there is truth in that statement. The idea of how I viewed or valued myself impacting my income had never occurred or been explained to me. I was taught that the harder I worked, the better that I would do. While hard work is definitely a prerequisite to achieving real and lasting success, there is a certainly more to the success equation.

The questions that I mentioned above are thought provoking, but there are certainly more questions and perhaps even more pointed and provocative answers to those questions. Inquiries of ourselves and others should be intentional, with the intent to elicit answers and high level information that should motivate and inspire you to become engaged at a much higher level.

The quality of the questions we ask; determines the quality of the answers we get. When you ask the right questions, you get the answers that you need to make the shifts that will give more of what you need. We’ll get into the questions in another post or video.

Get the RESULTS that you want NOW!
If you’re a little slow on the uptake like I am, or you’re a skeptic like I was, I’m going to make it really easy and simple for you. Your perception, your thoughts, the people that you associate with, the coaches that you engage and the action steps that you take DICTATE your outcomes. In other words, you and you alone decide what your results are going to be. You decide what your life, business and relationships will look like. Whether or not you buy into and believe this, it is a reality and it (you) is either working in your favor or against.

After all, “it’s not about the money, it’s what money can do for you!”

Apr 21

Market Your Business Properly!

Mar 09

Punch Fear In The Face

Jan 18

Where Are You Going?

Oct 13

Wrong Room

Sep 10

Stop Trying

Sep 01

What About The How?

Aug 26

Why Not?

May 11

Systems are the Keys to Success

Mar 23

Adding Value

Shawn Shewchuk valueIt has been said that the extra mile is a lonely place, as there are very few travelling it. I believe this to be true, and therefore I felt it fitting that I share with you, a recent set of events that we encountered.

Our team hosts a world class event every three months at amazing locations throughout North America. These events has been described by those that have participated in them, as the most “powerful” and “impactful” weekends that they have ever been a part of. It’s called The Matrixx Mastermind. In order for these weekends to be an experience of a lifetime, there are a great many factors that play into the experience that the small and intimate group encounters. Some of what it takes to pull off a successful weekend, to deliver an experience of a lifetime, is not within our control. As a matter of fact outside entities, such as the team in the chosen venue are asked to assist our team in the delivery of a major WOW. By the way, when it comes to adding value, the delivery of a WOW is key to growth and building your tribe.

While planning and organizing our last Matrixx Mastermind weekend, we encountered some interesting and unique patience testing growth opportunities with the hotel that we had chosen to host the event. I’m certain that these anomalies weren’t in any way intentional, however, it still presented our team with some additional steps in achieving the WOW that we were focused on delivering. We engaged in at least three separate conversations with different levels of management at the hotel, who in the end all assured us that there would be no further hiccups.

The key of course isn’t whether or not there are challenges, it’s how you deal with those challenges should they arise. Our team did everything possible to ensure that we delivered a WOW, and engaged the team at the hotel to collaborate with us to do the same. The really awesome part of this experience is how two groups or teams came together, and delivered a truly memorable WOW to our Matrixx Mastermind family.

Right from the moment that we all started to arrive, the entire team at the hotel stepped up, and seamlessly delivered a fantastic WOW. No matter what we threw at them, they delivered and made all of our requests a reality for members. Of course, the important part is what our members experienced. The hotel, according to our Matrixx Mastermind family members, delivered a major WOW and did it with amazing flare and professionalism.

We will certainly be considering that hotel again for future events.

Focus on, collaborating with stakeholders and all involved in any initiative to always focus on delivering a WOW.

Mar 16

A Culture that Delivers Every Time

Shawn Shewchuk culture As some of you know I am Canadian, and as I’m sure you’ve heard, Canadians are typically considered extremely polite. I’m told that there are a great many people from around the globe that believe this to be the case. Conversely, over the years I’ve heard stories of experiences that were anything but positive from folks that had traveled to visit our dear friends south of the 49th parallel, in the United States of America.

I must tell you that I have never, not even once, had anything but positives experiences when I am fortunate enough to travel to the US. As a matter of fact, I have had a tremendous amount of really great and memorable experiences while in the US. I’ve many great friends in the US, and friends or not, my experiences have all been positively outstanding, as far back as I can remember.

Having said all of that, the following stories of generosity honestly blew me away. On a recent trip to Houston Texas for a couple of days, to visit a couple of friends, I experienced some of the most amazing and humbling examples of how I believe we should treat all of those with whom we come into contact.

I flew into Houston arriving on a late afternoon flight, and proceeded directly to my hotel. The following morning, I asked the front desk staff of the hotel to call a taxi-cab for me, and they of course obliged. Actually, they called three different companies. After about 25 minutes, no cabs had shown up at the hotel. I understood that the hotel staff were doing all that they could, and continued to make calls and do what they could to assist me. About this time, another clerk arrived behind the desk and promptly took control of the situation and utilized an App on her smart phone to summon a car. They let me know when the car arrived, I thanked them and left the hotel for my destination. Having never used this particular App, I was unfamiliar with how it worked. Upon arrival at my destination, I asked the driver what I owed, to which he indicated that he didn’t collect any money. I learned that the funds for the trip were collected through the App when the car was summoned, there is a credit card associated with the App. I was stunned, this woman, who I later learned was the Assistant Manager of the hotel had paid for my fare with her own credit card. I immediately called the hotel to thank her, she casually responded, “Oh don’t worry about it. It was nothing and the cabs weren’t showing up.” I, of course, ensured that her kindness was more than properly rewarded when I returned to the hotel. I will say this, I am truly blessed no matter where I go. I always meet amazing and wonderful people that go way beyond what they have to do, they do what they believe is the RIGHT thing to do. Outstanding!

While at the same hotel, on my birthday no the less, I queried a gentleman behind the front desk as to a good place to get some decent food, as I had no desire for typical fast food. He was very kind, and gave me a couple of names of restaurants nearby. I asked how far away these restaurants were, and he indicated that they were just across a shopping mall parking lot. I thanked him, and proceeded to the door. He stopped me by stating, “Sir, did you drive or fly here?” I responded that I had flown in. He continued, “Well, let me give you the keys to my car. That way you won’t have to walk across the parking lot at night.” WOW! I was blown away again. I was a complete stranger, yet he offered me his car. What a truly selfless act of kindness and selflessness.

What if we all gave a little extra? What if we all did the RIGHT thing? What would our world look like if we put service to other above ourselves.

Jan 23

You Have The Time

Jan 14

We All Have Something to Give


Recently my family and I spent two weeks on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Every time I go to Jamaica I am blown away by the amazing people and stunning scenery, but the scenery and people are not why I am writing this. This story is about my son, well actually what he gave. As some of you know, I am blessed to have a three and a half year old little boy. For those of you that are parents, you know that going out for dinner can be an interesting event, and can be a little bit of a test.

On one particular evening we were enjoying dinner in a restaurant on the resort, sitting at another table about 10 feet away, another family was attempting to enjoy their dinner as well. Their little boy was quite upset for one reason or another, and was making a great effort to ensure that those at adjoining resorts knew of his discontent. Notwithstanding the effort of his parents to console him, this little vacationer was intent on not letting go of whatever it was that was perturbing him. A friend of mine calls this a “Crying Show,” and this “Crying Show” continued for some period of time.

After about five or six minutes, my son without prompting got up from the table and made his way to the other table. His back was to me, and I couldn’t see what he was doing or saying. When he returned to our table after a few moments I asked him, “What did you say to the little boy?” He responded, “Nothing.” I persisted, “Well what did you do?” He looked up at me and very simply stated, “I was making funny faces at him so he would smile.” At which time he proceeded to show me the facial contortions that he had employed to not only cause the little boy at the other table to smile, but nearly everyone in the entire restaurant.

We’ve been known to complicate life, and all that goes with it. We’ve been known to focus on “things” that are anything but important in the bigger picture. We’ve been known to let what’s really and truly important slip through our fingers. The reality is, it’s about people, it’s about relationships and it’s about giving to all of those around us.

What do you have to give, you ask?  A Smile!  In the words of my 3-year-old son, “I made funny faces at him so he would smile.” You don’t have to contort your face to make someone smile, all you have to do is, SMILE.

It doesn’t matter who, where you are or what’s going on in your life. It doesn’t matter what someone has said or done, and it’s irrelevant what their response to you is. You have no idea what’s going on in another person’s life, you don’t know what they are experiencing, and it really doesn’t matter. Your smile just may be the only positive experience in their life today.

Make funny faces so they smile.

Jan 09

Time Optimization for Growth

Shawn Shewchuk timeWe already know that time is important, we are aware that we should manage our activities in the time that we have been given, and we also know that growth is important.  The reality is, growth is imperative to our success.  It’s been said that we are growth seeking organisms, therefore we should always be seeking to improve ourselves.  What got you to where you are, isn’t going to get you where you want to go.  Growth is one of the very important keys to achievement, and conversely, to failure.

There is always ample time for us to learn and grow.  It has to become a priority if we are serious about seeing and experiencing the results that we know we want.

There are always numerous excuses.  I hear all types of groundless explanations, I’ll share a few of the popular ones with you.

  1. I don’t know how.
  2. You’re too expensive.    (Do want to try the cheapest coach?)
  3. I don’t know if it’s right for me.
  4. It’s too much money.
  5. I don’t know what my wife/husband will say.
  6. I just don’t know.
  7. What if it doesn’t work for me, I’m different from everybody else.
  8. I can’t afford it.
  9. What if I become successful, how do I deal with all of the business/money?
  10. Are you asking me to commit to something specific?
  11. I have a coach.
  12. I had a coach, it didn’t work.
  13. I don’t think other people can help me.
  14. I don’t have the time.
  15. It’s so much work.
  16. What’s in it for me?  (listening to the radio station WIIFM)

None of the foregoing (or any other) excuses will deliver the results you want, seek and deserve… Period!

In order to truly succeed, you will need to take risks, do things that you normally wouldn’t think of doing.  You will need to “jump off the building and grow wings on the way down.”  Spend the time, exert the energy and invest money into you, your business/career and your relationships.  Get outside of the comfort zone, kick through the box and take the steps that will take you in the direction of your goals and objectives.

Here is a detailed list of what you should always be doing and engaged in.

  1. Retain and always be collaborating with a great results oriented coach.
  2. Be involved with a directed mastermind group.
  3. Read voraciously.  (books that educate, inspire and motivate)
  4. Be open to new ideas.
  5. Have accountability partners.
  6. Live BIG in all areas of your life.
  7. Attend seminars and events (as many as you can) that impart information, inspiration and motivation.
  8. Associate with like-minded people.

Make the time, prioritize your activities and your days to ensure that you are leveraging your time in a way that ensures and promotes your growth, education and knowledge.  This will in turn result in achievement of your goals.

By the way, if you’re all about ROI (return on investment), keep the following in mind.  Your results will always be dependant on your input.  That said, when implemented properly your output (ROI) will always be greater than your input.

Dec 22

Do More in Less Time in 2015


Shawn Shewchuck Blog - Productivity

Seasons Greetings, friends.

There are a number questions that I get asked as I coach, mastermind and speak with and to phenomenal friends and clients all over the country. It really doesn’t matter what part of the continent, there are 3 questions that really stand out to me. I am going address one of those questions here. This topic is deep, vast and extremely important.  A clear understanding of this one point can give you a substantial advantage on your journey to the achievement of your goals and strategic objectives.  The actual goal, its size and or scope are of no relevance, provided that you desire to achieve more in less time.

There is one resource that every one of us has an equal amount of… Time.  Yes I know, for years we’ve  heard about time management.  We’ve been told to manage our time better.  We’ve even been told to improve efficiency.  What does this really all mean, and how do we I actually implement this stuff?  What’s missing?

For just a moment, think about how much more you would accomplish if every activity that you engaged in, was truly productive.  The reality is that you could literally change your outcomes in days, not years.

It’s been said that the average adult squanders or wastes around four hours a day.  That’s two extra months every year.  I’ve heard so many people say, I just don’t have the time.  Perhaps dedicating and blocking a specific amount of time for those things that are important, that will change your future and fortunes, is possible after all. Just think what you will accomplish with two additional months next year.

Let’s take a moment to define productivity.  Every action step you take, every activity that you choose to engage in, should be in alignment with your values and move you in the direction of your goal.  If you are wasting your time on anything that might be considered non – productive, stop doing it.

Leverage your precious time in a way that allows you to only engage and invest in action steps and activities that are highly productive and deliver a healthy ROI (return on investment).

The process of establishing clear priorities, understanding what each one represents and prioritizing your priorities, is imperative to your success.   We’ll delve more into these in another post.

One more huge insight for you in 2015, you, should be a priority.  Remember, your value to those you care about increases when you are healthy, happy and balanced.  Establish a wealth goal, but don’t obsess over money.  You will invest your time and energy, and when you do, the money will take care of itself.

I was recently asked a question by a participant in The Matrixx Mastermind, and here it is.  “Shawn what is the best investment that I can make?” I responded, YOU!  The investment that you make in yourself in 2015 can make the difference between where you are, and where you want to be.  I’ve interviewed many highly successful people, and they all say the same thing.  Invest time, energy and money in yourself.  Invest a great deal in yourself, the returns will far outweigh the investment.

I invite you to take a look at where you are, and decide where you want to be in 12 months from now.  Utilize every tool available to you.  Here’s an example of what I mean,

Happy Holidays.






The Business of People #3 – Marketing

Mar 28

Time. Can you manage it?

Shawn Shewchuk 03For years we’ve heard the term “Time Management,” and of course we’ve been told to manage our time better or more effectively.  Here is the reality, you cannot manage time, you get all that there is, but you can manage your activities in the time that you’ve been given.  What does this mean?  Very simply, it means that you should be less concerned with the clock, and more focused on those activities that are aligned with your objectives.  Let’s assume for a moment that you have/know what your objectives are.  Keep in mind that the sole purpose of your objectives is only one thing, and that is growth.

Unhinge yourself from every distraction for just a moment.  How much more could you accomplish in one day?  A lot, if you were to strategically plan out your day, setting time frames for certain activities, setting time for small breaks and definitely setting aside a certain amount of time for those unexpected activities, those unexpected visitors, phone calls and even from time to time those fires that you may need to put out.  Incidentally, I’ve found that a number of those unplanned and unscheduled activities end up coming my way as a result of something outside my business or life.  These anomalies are things that you need to be aware of, proactively plan and set aside time for, on a daily basis.

If you really want to know how much more time you could leverage, place a blank sheet of paper next to your bed before you go to sleep this evening. The moment you open your eyes in the morning, start keeping track of your day in 30 minute increments.  Every half hour, write a description of what you did, or accomplished during the past 30 minutes.  Just a few words describing your activities.

At the end of the day, you’ll be able to clearly see the amount time you used for productive activities, and of course the time utilization on nonproductive activities.

Time is the only non-renewable resource.  You only get some many minutes, hours and days.  Leverage your time in a way that every activity that you become involved in, is productive.  Your time should utilized in such a way that you are accountable not only to yourself, but those you care about as well.

I have to admit, I have a really hard time when I hear/see someone say that they are killing time, or that they are bored.  Get engaged, contribute, serve and most of all always be a part of something constructive.  Engage in activities that help and promote growth, in you and others.

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