Time Optimization for Growth

We already know that time is important, we are aware that we should manage our activities in the time that we have been given, and we also know that growth is important.  The reality is, growth is imperative to our success.  It’s been said that we are growth seeking...

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Do More in Less Time in 2015

  Seasons Greetings, friends. There are a number questions that I get asked as I coach, mastermind and speak with and to phenomenal friends and clients all over the country. It really doesn't matter what part of the continent, there are 3 questions that really stand...

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Time. Can you manage it?

For years we've heard the term "Time Management," and of course we've been told to manage our time better or more effectively.  Here is the reality, you cannot manage time, you get all that there is, but you can manage your activities in the time that you've been...

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Bite Size Pieces

We’re already in month three of 2014.Where are you at on your goals for this year?  Have you made the progress that you originally intended to make by March? You know I get asked a lot of questions throughout the year, some in person as I travel and speak, some by...

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Business Of People #4 (Final) – Lead From the Middle

I’M TALKING TO YOU Leadership is one of those topics that is discussed from time to time in the workplace, but those conversations are typically rare, and rarely conclusive.  Of course, there are exceptions, such as when the conversation goes over the yellow line into...

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What is 2014?

Perhaps the answer to the title of this article may seem simple or even redundant.  The reality however is that 2014 will be much more, if we collectively decide it will be.    You are likely thinking to yourself, what the heck is he talking about, 2014 is just...

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The Business of People #3

You don’t need a team? Yes you do!  The fact is, whether you like it or not, we all need a team.     A few years ago, I received a phone call from a friend of mine who was the president and CEO of a large corporation.  My friend asked me if we could meet for lunch, to...

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Business – Sales – 2 of 4

Every business is a sales organization. If you aren’t selling, you aren’t in business.   Have you ever thought about that?  We are all selling, everything in life is driven by sales.  Well, you may say, “I hate sales,” and that’s alright.  Be aware that you are always...

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Business – Branding – 1 of 4

An interesting observation: A vast majority of businesses that create, develop and cultivate or nurture a unique brand are successful. A brand is more than business cards or a website, although it can include them as contributing components to an overall successful...

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All we have, is now!  We don’t have tomorrow or next week, we aren’t even guaranteed five minutes from now.  In other words, be aware of every moment that you are gifted with and take advantage of every “now” that you get. Most people today are so focused on what...

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The Business of People #2

Networking – Communication – People                  Managing Activities You’ve likely have heard the buzz words “time management,” and perhaps are indifferent to what’s been said about this topic in the past. Interestingly, a vast majority of us squander 40-80% of...

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The Business of People #1

Networking – Communication – People      Welcome to the first installment of, The Business of People. My objective with this feature is offer practical tips to enable growth, and promote change. Regardless of the name on the door, it’s always about the people. As a...

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