You don’t need a team?


Yes you do!  The fact is, whether you like it or not, we all need a team. 


 A few years ago, I received a phone call from a friend of mine who was the president and CEO of a large corporation.  My friend asked me if we could meet for lunch, to which I agreed.  It turned out that the reason that he wanted to speak with me, was to ask for my assistance in his company.  He informed me that he had a vice president that he believed had become less than a team player within the organization.  He had engaged this individual in an attempt to reason with the VP, his idea was that if he threatened this individual with possible termination the VP would change his ways. 


The president of the company indicated that he didn’t want to lose the VP, his sole objective was that everyone on the team, work as team.  It quickly became evident that the threats didn’t work, it appeared that the approach had the opposite of the intended outcome.


Interestingly, the VP had confided in the president that he know there was a problem, but wasn’t aware of how to address and resolve the concerns.  He had also indicated that he was willing to do whatever it took to improve the situation.  It appeared that the VP was unaware that he was the cause of the issues, at least according to the president.  The good news, the VP was open to solutions.


Some of us from time to time, get an idea that we can do “it” on our own.  We’ve been known to make an arbitrary decision that we don’t need anyone to work with, or to help us.  This flawed shift in mindset can be the result of a number of scenarios, including situations we may find ourselves in, encounters with other people, all of which are without question self-induced.  The change can be gradual or instantaneous, it can be a conscious shift, but can also be unconscious.


When you are a member of a team, and we all are at some level, whether it’s an industry, a company a division of a company and of course a team can be as small as two.  In every team, the emphasis needs to be more on your team and its members, which includes you.  Your focus changes and becomes much broader, with the success of the entire team becoming foremost motivation.  Everyone needs to be working together to achieve a common purpose and a common goal.  The common purpose needs to be to produce the highest level of results for the team as a whole.


Take a moment and revaluate your team, ensure that there is a common purpose and goal. Ensure that all of the team members are engaged within the team, and focused on the achieving the highest level of results possible for the team.