2014 Perhaps the answer to the title of this article may seem simple or even redundant.  The reality however is that 2014 will be much more, if we collectively decide it will be. 


You are likely thinking to yourself, what the heck is he talking about, 2014 is just another year.  In some respects you would be right.  Perhaps think of it this way, 2014 is our opportunity to take steps that have never before been taken.  When we, and I mean every one of us that is driven, motivated and taking action, make up our collective minds to do more, it will happen.


A couple of months ago I was chatting with some friends and colleagues, and the discussion turned to what 2014 looked like for us, and our businesses.  Every one of the individuals sitting there talked about what they had planned for the New Year.  As I listened to the conversation evolve, one thing became evident to me, all of these phenomenal people were moving, they were progressing and making improvements in their lives, businesses and in the lives and businesses of those that they work with on a daily basis.


The thought hit me, what if all of these amazing minds were to work together.  What if there were no differences to be concerned about?  What if these phenomenal individuals with their fantastic talents were to collaborate and create?  What if competition wasn’t even on the horizon? 


Just think where we would all be if we all worked together, if we put all of the petty nonsense aside, and instead, together started with baby steps that would soon become giant leaps toward a common objective(s).  Imagine what we would accomplish if our collective focus shifted to one of collaboration and creativity.  The results would be staggering! 


Are you ready?  We can make 2014 the year of achievement, the achievement of things that to date have been thought of as impossible. 


Together, lets resolve to make 2014 the Year of Collaboration.