We’re already in month three of 2014.Where are you at on your goals for this year?  Have you made the progress that you originally intended to make by March? You know I get asked a lot of questions throughout the year, some in person as I travel and speak, some by phone and so many more by email and through different online mediums.  There are so many that are great questions, ones that I will answer for you, but for now we are going to focus on just one.

Here it is:  Shawn, I’m making progress, but it’s not as rapid as I would like it to be.  How can I increase the realization of my improved results?  (I’ve done my best to outline this question, to cover hundreds of similar questions.)

Response:  Firstly, thank you to every one of you that asked this question.  It’s an important question, and I’m going to take a few minutes to give you the best possible answer.

Now I know that so many of you are either in business for yourselves, or you are on the verge of making the shift from a job to an entrepreneur.  Taking steps toward the freedom that you deserve.  So, I’m going to use the following example for you.  If you are really serious about growing your business, about increasing profitability and about earning more money, this is for you.  If you are on the verge of taking your first foray into being an entrepreneur, keep going and utilize the following information.

We’ve all heard about goals and that we need to have them, and that they are vitally important to our progress and the results that we get.  Besides setting the right goals, we need to understand what to do with those goals once we’ve got them solidified.  Simply setting goals, even the right goals, just for the sake of setting goals, will do you no good whatsoever.  As you know, goals need to motivate, inspire and scare you all at the same time.  As an example, if your financial goal was, $100,000 for 2014, I would strongly urge you to double that.  You see, if you already know how to do something, it’s not a goal.  The sole purpose of goal is growth!

Now, let’s say you got the goal nailed, you’re clear on it.  You’ve likely heard the term, action, in relation to achievement.  So logically the next step would be to take action, right?  Well, the answer may surprise you.  You do need to take action, but what kind of action?  If I stood in the middle of my office and waved my arms crazily around, other than perhaps burning a calorie or two, what would I actually be accomplishing?  Pretty much nothing.  So although action is definitely a requirement, it needs to be directed and productive action.  Imagine for a moment that you are making progress, you persistence is paying off and your goal is in sight.  Wouldn’t that be fantastic?  When I get to share this with the amazing and awesome people from around North America, the responses and I receive and the results that they experience, are nothing short of phenomenal.

Alright you’ve got your goal, now you need to break it down into bite sized pieces.  Here’s why, if the most money you’ve ever made in a year is $100,000, and your goals is $1,000,000, you likely don’t have a frame of reference for the $1,000,000.  This is not a slight against anyone, it’s just that you’ve never had to deal with those kinds of numbers before, at least not in reference to yourself.  It’s really challenging to hit a goal that you are having difficulties visualizing.  So bite size pieces are the key.

Goals in place, broken down into for ease of assimilation, before you attempt to actually carry out or execute on the goals, there is one final step.

You need an action plan.  What’s an action plan you ask?  It’s a blueprint of how you are going to execute on the bite size pieces that we discussed a moment ago.  You’ve probably heard a great deal about time management, and while managing time sounds great, there’s more to it than just a buzzword.  You can’t manage time, you get all there is, but you can manage your activities.  In other words, the clock never stops, but you can manage your activities within the time that you have or are given.


  1. Ensure that all of the activities that you engage in are productive.
  2. Set aside specific blocks of time on a daily basis for the activities or “bite size” pieces that ensure your forward and upward progress.
  3. Stay focused to the exclusion of all outside distractions.  Refuse to permit disruptions, or what has become known as the “squirrel” syndrome.


You are who you associate with most of the time.  Be aware of this, and ensure that those you are spending time with are of the same mind, are supportive of you, your initiatives and your goals.  In addition, it has been proven time and again that having the support of a coach is invaluable to achieving your goals.  I often hear something like this, “I don’t need a coach, I can do it on my own.  Plus a coach costs money, and I could put that money into my business or the bank.  Or, I would have to put that on my line of credit or credit card.”  Listen, let’s be honest, if you could do it on your own, you already would have, and putting the money into your business or in the bank is not going to get you the results you want and deserve.  Ask the right questions, when I get a coach, how much more can I accomplish in less time?  Make the investment in yourself, your future and your family.  Get a coach.  The results can be extra-ordinary if you want them to be.

Just imagine where you, and your business will be when you implement these proven steps.  Now that you’ve decided to do this, to do more in less time and make an investment in yourself, of time and finances, you will soon realize that this truly was the best decision you will have ever made.

To your results.