An interesting observation: A vast majority of businesses that create, develop and cultivate or nurture a unique brand are successful.

A brand is more than business cards or a website, although it can include them as contributing components to an overall successful brand.  A brand is or should be more than congruency in the message that is presented to prospective clients, although it certainly includes that as well.  A brand is definitely more than a street sign or a logo, although these can also make up parts of a great brand.  A brand is more than letterhead, vehicle graphics or a slogan, but is can and in most can include one or more of these.

Question: Do you have a brand?

Answer:  Every individual and business has a brand.

Whether you want to or not, you have a brand.  It would stand to reason than, that it would be extremely important to not only know what your brand is, but also be in control of what your brand is.  After all, your brand can and will affect you and your business either negatively or positively, which direction of course is up to you.

What is a brand?  You brand is a representation of you, or your company.  It’s who you are, it’s what you do, how you are viewed (perception), and of course the bottom line is, it’s your (you or a company) reputation!  The blatant truth is, your reputation is all you have.  It’s the only thing that you will always have and carry with you.  If you, whether intentionally or unintentionally acquire a negative reputation, it is a proven fact that it is extremely difficult to change how you are viewed (perception).  In some cases, individuals and companies have damaged their reputations to the point that they are unable to effect the change necessary to regain the positive reputation that they once had.

The point is, always operate above reproach or suspicion.  Constantly focus on your goals or the strategic objectives of your organization, which should always have a component of service.  Safeguard your name, be always vigilant of conduct and perception.

Building a strong and powerful brand takes effort and dedication, it takes time determination and a will to win.  Maintaining that reputation is equally as involved, and requires the same awareness and education.  My marketing coach (top in the world), once told me that growing a business had nothing to do with advertising and everything to do with the brand.  In other words, the reputation and perception.

To build a brand, you need to establish in your own mind, or within your organization, a point that sets you apart, that makes you the “go-to” or authority in your field or profession.  A point that differentiates you from those around you.  Don’t be just another Real Estate Agent or Salesperson, there are thousands of them.  Develop a brand that makes people migrate to you, and attracts them to what you do and who you are.

If you own or operate a company, be so good at what you do and the service you offer that your client’s will never go or look elsewhere.  Offer such great products that your client’s will be astounded at the quality, usability and or value.  The best brand that you could possibly ever build, is one that causes your clients to rave about you and your organization, and to constantly refer their friends and family to you.  That is a powerful brand!  In order to do this effectively, you ALWAYS have to deliver a wow!  Not sometimes, not when you feel like it not when you are having a good day, but every person that you interact with has to experience the biggest WOW that they have ever experienced.  It’s the extras that count, every time!

There are certainly some additional and unique step that you can take to build a great brand, and perhaps even do it in record time, unfortunately we don’t have enough time and space to do it here.  Perhaps in another post.

No matter the situation, always deliver the biggest WOW ever experienced.