Every business is a sales organization. If you aren’t selling, you aren’t in business.


Have you ever thought about that?  We are all selling, everything in life is driven by sales.  Well, you may say, “I hate sales,” and that’s alright.  Be aware that you are always selling.  If you go for an interview, if you want to go to a specific restaurant with your wife or if you want your boss or kids to take a different direction, you are selling.


Know this, in order to achieve our goals and objectives in life, you need to be able to sell, and do it effectively.


There are a great number of business owners that are aware that they need to be prospecting, nurturing and making sales, however not all do it.  For reasons that we can discuss in another forum, the ones that don’t or aren’t will likely cease to exist very quickly.


Let me be very clear, if you, your team or your business do not have proactive sales and marketing initiatives in place, you will certainly find that there will be significant challenges.  The surest way to fail in business, is to attempt to conduct business by default.  Your strategic plan needs to contain specifics on your sales initiatives, and quantified time lines in which you will achieve those objectives.


If you feel you don’t have the required skill set, it would be a great idea to find a coach to work with.  A good coach will be able to impart not only the transactional aspects, but also the transformational steps involved with the sales process.  Your coach should be able to share with you the multitude of unique methodologies that are necessary to enable success in your business through effective selling.  Your coach should be able to methodically work with you to ensure that you clearly understand each step, and how to execute those steps.  Bear in mind that it may seem foreign and perhaps uncomfortable, and like anything that is worthwhile it may take some time to develop your sales muscles.  We all learn and develop at a different pace, you will find your grove, in your own time.


Interestingly, one of the primary reasons that I have found why individuals, business owners, salespeople aren’t prospecting, nurturing and selling, is that they are afraid.  Fear is a killer. Period.   Sometimes it is a fear of people or approaching people, or a fear of offending or alienating people and of course for some it is fear of rejection.  A point of intense interest for me was when I came to the realization that there were actually people who had a fear of a potential client saying yes.  These are the people that are afraid of success.  They have become so obsessed about what they will do when they are successful, that they never achieve it because they never start.  A really great and well balanced coach will be able to assist you with this as well.  Coaching is a multidimensional or holistic process.  Your coach needs to be able to give you all the tools that you will need to achieve your objectives.


Sales isn’t a dirty word.  Remember, sales isn’t something that you do to somebody, it’s something that you do with them.


Business has changed.

  1. You need to prospect/market.
  2. You have to nurture your prospects/potential clients
  3. You have no choice but to sell.  (but before you can make a sale, and this is non-optional…)
  4. You have to “ASK” for the sale.