All we have, is now!  We don’t have tomorrow or next week, we aren’t even guaranteed five minutes from now.  In other words, be aware of every moment that you are gifted with and take advantage of every “now” that you get.

Most people today are so focused on what happened yesterday, last week or even years ago that they don’t realize that the most precious resource that they have is rapidly slipping through their fingers.  A great many are concerning themselves with things that are of no consequence to them, their families or their future.  As an example, does is really matter what some Hollywood celebrity is doing or not doing?  The answer of course is, no!  We have been conditioned to care or be curious about these kinds of things, all of which are really of no significance to us whatsoever.

The news, whether in print or electronic is exactly the same.  The news contains very little if any valuable information, and the reality is we put a great deal of focus behind what is propagated by the mainstream media outlets.  More than 99.5% of all “news” is not really news at all and is most definitely not relevant to your life, or that of your family.

As a whole, we spend so much time involved in activities or on ideas that are non-productive, or worse, are a negative influence, that realigning or refocusing is perceived as extremely difficult for some people.

Important point to note:  When we are involved or engulfed in these non-productive and likely negative focus points, we will experience the exact opposite in terms of results, that we claim we want in our lives, relationships, businesses/careers.  Keep in mind that this has a direct correlation to our wealth.

If it’s not productive, don’t do it!  Productivity is defined as an action that is congruent with your objectives, and moves you in the direction of your goal.

Spend time, effort, energy and money doing the things that are going to have a long term positive effects on your life, your family’s lives and your business or career.  Focus on those activities that cause you to grow and learn through challenges, I assure you that the results will be extraordinary.  Or as a great friend of mine likes to say, “it has to be spectacular.”

Perhaps I’ve said this in the past, but this (life) isn’t a test drive, it’s the real thing.  Treat it that way, make sure that you are spending your precious time on those things are valuable.

Make sure that when you do take a moment to assess where you are at, it’s worth your time, energy and effort and that you making a significant contribution.  Every one of us is here to serve.

Your time is NOW!

“It’s All About the Results!”