Shawn Shewchuk 03For years we’ve heard the term “Time Management,” and of course we’ve been told to manage our time better or more effectively.  Here is the reality, you cannot manage time, you get all that there is, but you can manage your activities in the time that you’ve been given.  What does this mean?  Very simply, it means that you should be less concerned with the clock, and more focused on those activities that are aligned with your objectives.  Let’s assume for a moment that you have/know what your objectives are.  Keep in mind that the sole purpose of your objectives is only one thing, and that is growth.

Unhinge yourself from every distraction for just a moment.  How much more could you accomplish in one day?  A lot, if you were to strategically plan out your day, setting time frames for certain activities, setting time for small breaks and definitely setting aside a certain amount of time for those unexpected activities, those unexpected visitors, phone calls and even from time to time those fires that you may need to put out.  Incidentally, I’ve found that a number of those unplanned and unscheduled activities end up coming my way as a result of something outside my business or life.  These anomalies are things that you need to be aware of, proactively plan and set aside time for, on a daily basis.

If you really want to know how much more time you could leverage, place a blank sheet of paper next to your bed before you go to sleep this evening. The moment you open your eyes in the morning, start keeping track of your day in 30 minute increments.  Every half hour, write a description of what you did, or accomplished during the past 30 minutes.  Just a few words describing your activities.

At the end of the day, you’ll be able to clearly see the amount time you used for productive activities, and of course the time utilization on nonproductive activities.

Time is the only non-renewable resource.  You only get some many minutes, hours and days.  Leverage your time in a way that every activity that you become involved in, is productive.  Your time should utilized in such a way that you are accountable not only to yourself, but those you care about as well.

I have to admit, I have a really hard time when I hear/see someone say that they are killing time, or that they are bored.  Get engaged, contribute, serve and most of all always be a part of something constructive.  Engage in activities that help and promote growth, in you and others.