Good enough or my best. Do these work or are they simply excuses? “I’m trying” or “I’ll try harder” mean? Really? or more excuses.

“Good Enough” or “My Best” are statement that we often make perhaps without really understanding their implications. What do these claims really mean? We hear this kind of thing from staff, from our children and even at times from those of us that are (or supposed) to be leaders.

These statements and similar ones are tantamount to the famous line that most of us have used, that is “I’m Trying” or “I’ll Try.” Typically those that use the “try” excuse rarely if ever accomplish what it is they say that they intend to do or complete. It’s been said that “trying is lying” and therefore it could also be said that those that use the phrases referenced above are essentially making the same exemptions for themselves. “Good Enough” and “My Best” are very simply, in most cases, excuses.

If you really want to be the best, and you should, first reassess your objective(s). You have to be brutally honest to yourself; are you really giving 100%? If you need assistance, find someone that you admire, someone that is successful and trustworthy and ask for their thoughts. Perhaps you will seek out and confide on more than one individual or mentor. Ask them to be honest and don’t be offended by what they may have to say. Ask them how they believe you can improve. Don’t hesitate to make changes, circumstances will be never change and it will never be the rights time. The time to ACT is now! Act on the advice that you have received.

This may surprise you but, small changes today will result in tremendous improvements in your results. Resolve to everyday make the changes and positive improvements that will move you in the direction of your goals and objectives. Here is a simple way for you to start, just choose two actions, do it now, that you will do every day for a week then keep adding to those two.

Keep in mind, it is irrelevant whether you are seeking to improve your personal life, your relationships or your business. The steps that we are outlining for you here, will work. Additionally, always give a little more. Always give a little extra, even if you aren’t being paid for it, do it anyway. You will feel great about yourself and your contribution. You will also have earned the trust and respect of those around you.

The MOST important thing to remember is of course the execution! Start NOW!